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Yoga is diverse, it does not only include body movement, but also work with our breath and mind (mindfulness, concentration). With it's help we become calmer and relaxed so it opens us up to connect with our inner self. In the Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne you can practice different Yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Aerial Yoga.

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  • Klangschale im Mii-Ruum Studio Luzern.
  • Teilnehmende während Vinyasa Flow im Mii-Ruum Studio Luzern.

What is Yoga? Which Yoga styles do we offer at Mii-Ruum Yoga und Pilates Studio Luzern?

The word Yoga means "connection, union" with our innermost core of being. The Yoga practice reduces blockages and it frees us from old ballast. Yoga thus speaks of cleansing the body and clearing the mind.

Physical Yoga is a gentle way of training. To start with Yoga is possible in every age and it can be practiced until old age. So children can already be introduced to Yoga with playful exercises and learn to calm their mind down as well as increase their concentration. Fit adults can intensify their practice through a different style of yoga or work quietly. 

The yoga styles are versatile: 

  • The quiet Hatha Yoga leads into every single position ("Asana") and is suitable for beginners, older people and people who consciously want to feel the present moment. 
  • Yin Yoga is suitable for those who want to do their yoga practice quietly and gently, consciously lingering with the breath in longer stretches. Yin Yoga is a very grounding yoga practice that promotes flexibility of the fascia and muscles.
  • Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic Yoga style with sun salutations, demanding asanas, but also with pranayama and a Shavasana. This style is suitable for those who like to train more dynamically. 
  • Aerial Yoga Play is practiced in the Yoga cloth and supports exercises in reverse positions, strengthen the body softly and is a playful way of working. This Yoga style is suitable for people who like to swing ("hammock feeling") and who wish to gain more lightness and confidence in their everyday life.

While in yoga we open our heart region, in Pilates we do many strengthening exercises for the abdominal muscles. Thus Pilates and Yoga complement each other perfectly. Pilates often gives yogis the necessary body tension for bending back and reverse postures.
Therefore we offer both forms of training in our Pilates and Yoga studio in Lucerne. Participants of Yoga classes are warmly invited to also join the Pilates classes. We are looking forward to welcoming you on the mat in our Yoga studio in Lucerne.

Yoga classes at Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio in Lucerne

Hatha Yoga


Hatha Yoga is the traditional Yoga style. "Ha" stands for sun (= strengthening, warmth), "tha" stands for moon (= silence, coolness).
Asanas (postures) are performed in a calm and mindful way in Combination with conscious breathing. You can learn to focus on the present moment.

Hatha Yoga class in Lucerne:
  • Thursday, 19.15h - 20.15h with Sophia

Yoga Vinyasa Flow


Vinyasa Flow is a flowing, dynamic Yoga style. We "flow" from asana to asana while our breath supports every movement. Our musculature is getting stronger and we improve stamina, mobility as well as balance. We also work with Pranayama (breath work). 

Vinyasa Flow and Empowerment Flow in Lucerne:

  • Monday, 18.00h - 19.00h with Arlent
  • Tuesday, 08.45h - 09.45h FitCore with Arlent
  • Friday, 12.15h - 13.15h with Irina

Aerial Yoga


Yoga in a shawl with many reversal postures and Shavasana in your cocoon. The soft Aerial Yoga Play towel supports you in exercises and lets you experience inversion positions with ease. The Aerial Yoga training invites you to to swing, to have fun and to try something new if you haven't done it before.

Read more about Aerial Yoga.

  • Monday, 19.15h - 20.30h with Lara
  • Thursday, 17.45h - 19.00h with Lara 

Pregnancy Yoga


As a mommy-to-be, you will soon be able to benefit from the yoga course for pregnant women in our studio.

Yoga during pregnancy helps you to relax and strengthens your body awareness.

  • Wednesday, every two weeks, 20.15h - 21.15h with Jeannette 

Yin Yoga


In Yin Yoga you can fully relax, recharge your batteries and make your fascial tissues more flexible. It is a calm and passive yoga style where you stay between 3-10 minutes in one pose.
  • Sporadic Courses with Selina or Irina

Registration and booking

Registrations and bookings are made through our booking system SportsNow. You can download the free app to your smartphone to register and to subscribe or unsubscribe spontaneously.

We hope you enjoy planning your Yoga and Pilates weekly schedule and we happily look forward meeting you in our studio!

Are the Yoga classes in Lucerne for beginners? Are there advanced Yoga classes in Lucerne?

Yoga courses for Beginners in Lucerne

Yoga and Pilates are suitable for sporty and less sporty men and women of all ages. So you don't have to be a sports talent to join a yoga or pilates class at Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne. Each exercise offers simplification and enhancement options, so you have the opportunity to tailor it to your own needs. The 4-person trial subscription also offers a simplified start to get a taste of different yoga styles and yoga teachers to try out.

Yoga courses for advanced students in Lucerne

Advanced yogis will find in Aerial Yoga either a new challenging yoga style or a new way to let go of tension. In the other yoga classes, advanced yoga participants are given variations and opportunities for improvement to intensify their practice.

The advantages of Yoga

Yoga for Seniors

  • Improvement of mobility
  • Improvement of the posture and the balance
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Calming of the nervous system
  • Reduction of stress
  • Removal of blockades
  • Strengthens self-confidence
  • Increases the ability to concentrate

Gentle yoga styles such as Hatha or Yin Yoga or Pilates are suitable for seniors. We also recommend senior yoga at the Horw yoga studio with Myriam Bühler.

Rezensionen - Testimonials

«I have been practicing yoga for 12 years, sometimes regularly, sometimes sporadically. I was looking for an offer during the "summer break". So I came across the homepage of Mi-Ruum, which appealed to me very much with the offered classes. With Lara's advice I found the yoga class that suited me. Since then I practice yoga every week. If I can take the time I practice also at home for my own. I feel more flexible, I have less discomfort due to my herniated disc and feel fundamentally fitter.»  
Julia, 29 years old, school social worker

«A year ago I started with yoga, I was looking for something new. After Pilates came Yoga. A friend recommended the yoga studio Mii-Ruum in Lucerne. I started with a trial subscription. A great way to get to know each other! I attended my first yoga classes and felt comfortable. Hatha, Aerial and Vinyasa Yoga. With Vinyasa Yoga I got stuck and found the ideal class for me. Michelle also offers variety to the loyal participants. Today I am more agile, my digestion is better, my mood is more balanced.»
Maria, 57 years old, teamleader customer service

«For me, Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the perfect complement to other sports activities. The attentive observation and careful guidance of Lara with the focus on body awareness promotes strength and flexibility - rounded off with relaxation. I also appreciate the easy accessibility of the Yoga Studio in Lucerne and the small sizes of the groups.»
Conny, 51 years old, care specialist

«For over a year I have been attending various courses at the Mii-Ruum Studio. I especially like Mii-Ruum because of the atmosphere. The teachers as well as the courses give me a lot of strength and always a smile on my face. Hatha Yoga on Friday noon is just the right thing to get some rest before the weekend and to consciously take time for myself. The earthy hour without music makes me feel alive and happy. I already took my mum with me to try it out, because this class is just great and suitable for everyone - try it out ;-).»
Lea, 33 years old

«I started Pilates a few years ago because of problems with my back. Since I have been practicing Pilates regularly, I have less complaints, I feel stronger and more flexible. Half a year ago I added a Yoga Vinyasa Flow lesson to my weekly training. While Pilates strengthens me, Yoga lets me find peace and inner calmness. With this combination I feel much more balanced and fitter. At the Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne I especially appreciate the personal attention and the very pleasant atmosphere. I also think it's great that if you have physical problems you can get easier variations for all exercises. Thanks to Lara and the great studio team, I've been able to enjoy movement again.»
Barbara, 51 years old, secretary