Pilates and Yoga Events Luzern


At our Pilates and Yoga Studio in Lucerne, exciting workshops take place throughout the year, where you can dive deeper into Aerial Yoga, Pilates or Yoga. The workshops are suitable for Yogi beginners to Pilates advanced students.

We are looking forward to meet you.


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Mystrengthability Workshop

Functional Yoga and working with the strap

SA, 28. Mai 2022, 10.00 - 12.00 Uhr

Why should we work with resistance in the yoga practice?  
The MSA™ (My-strength-ability) is a 3-in-1 resistance belt. It allows you to target and stabilize specific areas of your body, bringing more understanding into your yoga practice and allowing you to dive deeper into it. The strap is suitable for short sessions during the day. It is a tool that gives immediate feedback and brings your attention consciously to the centre. The strap is also a hands-on without an actual hands-on. Classes are in German.

Bio: Anda has been involved with yoga for 15 years. She has been teaching for 7 years and has completed several further trainings and workshops on yoga, coaching and aromatherapy.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Luzern
Guest teacher: Anda Steger
Costs: CHF 55.- (incl. lesson, material, water/tee)
Max. 14 places. For available places see timetable


Tidying Up Course


SA, 28.05.2022, 14.00h - 17.00h 

Are you constantly tidying up, but soon sink back into the mess? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Do you want to clear out thoroughly but don't know where to start or can't get going? 

Then this course is for you! Tidying coach and KonMari™ consultant Isabelle shows you how to make room for the really important things in life. In this entertaining course afternoon, you will learn the systematics of simple decluttering, which thought patterns prevent us from clearing out, how to overcome them and how to get the most out of our cupboards.

Location: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Luzern
Referent: Isabelle Odermatt, EINFACH GLÜCKLICHER Aufräumcoaching

Costs: Fr. 55.- (Cash or TWINT)

Bring along: Note material, a T-Shirt, a pair of trousers and a pair of socks to practice folding
Sign up: hallo@einfachgluecklicher.com


Aerial Yoga Beginner Workshop

Receiving new energy with relaxing

SA, tbd, 10.00 - 12.30 Uhr

In this workshop you will learn about the benefits of Aerial Yoga and dive into relaxing and soothing poses supported by the yoga swing. 

After a light warm-up, we move on to restorative practice. Here you can relax completely and gather new energy. 

At the end you can enjoy a soothing Shavasana in the yoga towel. Lara will introduce you to Aerial Yoga with clarity and calmness, so that you gain confidence in the yoga towel and in practising with it.

Level: Starting from beginners
Location: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne
Team: Lara Bühler
Costs: Fr. 75.-, max. 11 places
No yoga experience is necessary

Workshop Function over Formjpeg

Function over Form Workshop

Asana Alignment
SA, tbd 

Do you ever get frustrated because you can't hold certain yoga poses or can't even get them right?

It's probably due to a lack of alignment. Every body is different, has its own possibilities and limitations. Therefore, even asanas should be adapted to you and your body with careful alignment. In the workshop we will look at different yoga asanas, the most commonly used alignments and their different options and variations. We will get to know our body better and ultimately connect more deeply with ourselves.

Location: Mii-Ruum Yoga studio Lucerne
Teacher: Arlent Püntener

Cost: Fr. 55.-

-Max. 12 places (see schedule)


Aerial Yoga Play Beginner Workshop II

Change perspective - Upside down

SA, tbd, 10.00h - 12.30h

Get an introduction into Aerial Yoga Play and learn simple reversal postures with the yoga swing. After a few leg, abdominal and arm strengthening exercises, we venture into further upside down poses, learning to enjoy the lengthening of the spine and regenerating the intervertebral discs. Get a different perspective and feel how working against gravity can strengthen leg and abdominal muscles.

Look forward to the playful Aerial Yoga Play and the feeling of lightness while floating in the aerial yoga swing.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne
Team: Lara Bühler

Costs: CHF 75.- with yearly subscription/repeater: CHF 60.-
Max. 10 places. For available places see timetable


Inversions Workshop

Up Side Down

SA, tbd

The term "inversions" refers to any position where your head is lower than your hips. This doesn't have to be complicated at all. If you bend down with your hands to your toes, that's already an inversion.

It's fun, it gives self-confidence, and it forces us to rethink in a loving way: those who stand upside down often get to know themselves in a completely new way.

Therefore, I invite you to get to know the different types of inversions in yoga. Learn what effect inversions can have on your well-being and body awareness and practice the different techniques of inversions. There is something for every level!

Location: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne 
Team: Arlent Püntener
Costs: Fr. 55.-

- Max. 14 places (available places see timetable)

- Who should not do this? People with high blood pressure, heart or kidney problems or diabetes should not practise head-over-heels. Those who have problems with their shoulders, back or cervical spine: please do not do a head, hand or shoulder stand!


Lean back and relax - Backbends

SA, tbd

It's all about a healthy and relaxed back. Beginners and advanced practitioners will lern the functions of their back and the connection with the full body. From simple and traditional backbends to sophisticated positions, you will get a broad overview and learn how to practice and enjoy in order to strengthen your body and your soul.

Location: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne
Team: Arlent Püntener
Costs: Fr. 55.-
Max. 12 places. For available places see timetable.

Aerial Beginner Workshop - Mii-Ruum Studio Luzernjpg

Aerial Yoga Beginner Workshop I


You receive a good foundation to start with a regular training, you learn the benefits of the Aerial Yoga, you receive trust to your yoga swing, you get to know easy inversions and stretches in the swing. Doing flying poses, enjoy ease and letting go everything.

Level: Starting from beginners
Location: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne
Team: Lara Bühler

Costs: CHF 75.-, with yearly subscription/repeater CHF 60.-, Max. 10 places. For available places see timetable

Requirements: Good basic physical fitness, no yoga experience necessary.
Note: If you have high blood pressure or high eye pressure, it is necessary to consult your doctor before performing inverted postures.


Aerial Yoga Play Beginner Workshop I

How gravity deepens your stretches

FR, tbd

You will learn the benefits of Aerial Yoga and gain confidence in your Aerial Yoga swing.
We will dive into some deep stretches, exploring how gravity affects them. You will also learn your first inversion postures with the help of the yoga swing.
Lara will introduce you to Aerial Yoga with clarity and calmness so that you gain confidence in the yoga swing and training with it.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne 
Team: Lara Bühler

Costs: CHF 75.- 
Max. 10 places. For available places see schedule


Flying Kids Yoga

15.00 - 16.30 Uhr
Offer from "Ferienpass Luzern"

Do you want to fly like Superman or hang upside down like a bat?
In flying yoga you learn to gain confidence and courage with the hanging yoga swing. We work playfully in the group, strengthen and move our bodies, learn exercises that support us at school and in everyday life, and at the end we can relax in the yoga swing like in a butterfly cocoon.

Location: Mii-Ruum Yoga studio Lucerne
Teacher: Lara Bühler
Children Age: 8 - 12 years
Booking on the website of "Ferienpass Luzern"

Requirements: Good basic physical fitness, joy & openness to learn something new, good listening
To bring with you: Comfortable clothes, leggings or other long and tight pants and a bottle of water (We train barefoot or with socks)

Feedback / Testimonials Aerial Yoga Workshop

Esther (40 years old, physical education teacher): "It's wonderful, I must have that again! The relaxation was simply divine."

Claudia (33 years old, occupational therapist): "The instructions were formulated very clearly and understandably. What I enjoyed most was a completely different orientation in the room and a complete free feeling in my upper body after the workshop".

Sophia (34 years old, media librarian): "At the beginning the exercises are always precise instructed so you always feel safe. After the workshop I felt very relaxed, happy and centered."

Andrea (45J.,Coach/energetic therapies): "The word Aerial in Yoga appealed to me, I like the air as an element. I don't really know anything about yoga itself. Already at Lara's first workshop - yes, I've enjoyed two already - I found the short theoretical introduction, like approaching the cloth, very fitting. In practice then, certain positions challenged my body a bit, but I liked it very much & it was well - not only the relaxed dangling in the cloth! The pleasant nature of Lara, her ability for details (corrections), made me feel very safe and secure. I may recommend the Aerial Yoga Lara-Style very much."

Soraya (39 years old, decorator): "This is the second time I've participated, because I really enjoyed the first workshop. The Aerial Yoga Workshop was pleasant but also challenging. For me it was a new experience and relaxing for the neck".

Gabi (45 years old, Shiatsu therapist): "Aerial Yoga is a benefit for my shoulder area! It is very liberating."

Feedback / Testimonials Yin Yoga Workshop

Erna: "I chose the Yin Yoga workshop with Katherine to try out body positions on the floor, which are held passively for a long time. Through the precisely guided exercises, I felt safe and well accompanied. The event was a wonderful new experience for me, followed by a pleasant relaxation in my body".

Your personal Yoga Workshop or Pilates event

You want to enjoy a yoga event with your friends for your birthday? Surprise a friend with a feel-good morning? Or attend a Pilates trial lesson with your team?

Your event: Aerial Yoga Play / Yoga Vinyasa Flow, Hatha or Yin / Pilates
Date and Teacher upon request
Program upon request, in general 1 lesson for 1.5-2h
Level: Beginners - Advanced
Costs: upon request  

Enjoy the event with your friends, if you wish also with an aperitif afterwards.

We would be happy to put together your individual yoga/pilates event in Lucerne according to your wishes and we look forward to your request: info@mii-ruum.ch