Pilates and Yoga Events Luzern


At our Pilates and Yoga Studio in Lucerne, exciting workshops take place throughout the year, where you can dive deeper into Aerial Yoga, Pilates or Yoga. The workshops are suitable for Yogi beginners to Pilates advanced students.

We are looking forward to meet you.



Yoga und Hofzmorgen

5th and 19th July 2020, 09.30 - 12.30h

Start with a refreshing Hatha Yoga Flow into a new day.

We finish the yoga sesseon with a meditation and after that you can enjoy a hearty vegetarian courtyart breakfast at the Kulturhof Hinter Musegg Luzern.

Level: from beginner
Ort: Kulturhof Hinter Musegg Luzern
Team: Michelle Birrer
Costs: Fr. 65.-

Yoga Day inkl. Hofzmorgen

5th and 19th July 2020 , 08.00 - 16.00 Uhr

08.00 Greeting & meditation
09.30 Hatha Yoga Flow
11.00 vegetarian breakfast
13.00 Yoga Philosophie, which may enrich your everyday life.
14.30 Uhr Yin Yoga session

Level: from beginner
Place: Kulturhof Hinter Musegg Luzern
Team: Michelle Birrer
Costs : Fr. 119.-


Cacao Cermony

SAT, 25th July 2020, 14.00 - 17.00h

Kakao ist eine herzöffnende Pflanzenmedizin aus Lateinamerika. Insbesondere die Azteken und Mayas in Mexiko benutzen die Kakaobohne als Heilmittel und in religiösen Zeremonien. Denn die Kakaobohne ist eine Quelle für Antioxidantien, Magnesium, Eisen und Zink. Auf emotionaler Ebene hilft sie uns Dopamin, Endorphine und Serotonin zu produzieren, was einen Einfluss auf unsere Stimmung hat. In der Zeremonie geht es darum, mit der Begleitung von Mama Kakao die Verbindung zu unserem Herzen und unserer Intuition zu stärken. Den Kakao nehmen wir in Getränk-Form zu uns.

Im ersten Teil der Zeremonie arbeiten wir mit den Yoga-Asanas, welche uns helfen unseren Körper zu spüren, physikalische Blockaden zu öffnen und die Kakao-Energie zu kanalisieren. Im zweiten Teil tauchen wir in eine geführte schamanische Meditationsreise ein. Lasse deinen Geist sich von den schamanischen Klängen berauschen und horche tief in dich hinein. Am Schluss gehen wir in die Stille und lassen Mama-Kakao sich entfalten. Höre auf deinen Körper, verbinde dich mit deinem Herzen. Lasse deinen Geist los und lass dich von Mama Kakao umarmen.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne
Team: Alexandra Cecchini, Thomas Löw
Costs: CHF 80.-


Yoga & Brunch

15th August 2020, 10.00h - 13.00h

We start with a pleasant Yoga Vinyasa Flow, guided through Lara, under the tall linden tree and surrounded from green on the courtyard Ober-Wolfisbühl.

After this we indulge us a rich vegan Brunch, prepared from Corinne, on the hayfield under the linden tree with a beautiful view over the mountains.

09.45-09.55h Welcoming
10.00-11.15h Yoga lesson
11.30-13.00h Brunch

The yoga lesson also suits for yogi beginners.

Level: from beginner
Place: Hof Ober-Wolfisbühl, Emmenbrücke
Approach: 30 Min. by bike from Lucerne
Team: Lara Bühler (Yoga) and Corinne Küng (Brunch, www.corinnekueng.ch)
Costs: Fr. 65.-
To take: An own Mat (if you have one, otherwise send an email to the team), comfortable clothes, sun cream
Allergy: Give a note if you have any incompatibility info@corinnekueng.ch
If the wather is dry, the event is going to take place in the charming rooms of the courtyart Ober-Wolfisbühl.


Fullmoon Yoga and Circle

SON, 5. July 2020, canceled

Liebe Frau, die Geschichte, die uns Luna, die Mondin, erzählt, handelt von Geburt, Wachstum, Reife und Fülle, Verschwinden, Wiedergeburt und Wachstum. Die Mondin spiegelt in ihren Wandlungen dieselben Bewegungen wider, wie sie sich auch in unseren Körpern und Psychen zeigt.
Lass uns die Kraft der Mondin nutzen, um in uns zu gehen, uns zu verbinden, uns mit dem Mondzyklus zu synchronisieren, uns mit unserer weiblichen Kraft zu verbinden, unsere Energie & Gedanken positiv auszurichten, uns zu erden, zu heilen.
Was dich erwartet:


Der ganze Workshop ist auf die Themen der aktuellen Zeitqualität abgestimmt. Rahel schafft einen Raum, in welchem du ganz du selbst sein kannst. In welchem du eine Auszeit nur für dich nehmen kannst. Ohne Alltagsrollen, Verpflichtungen, Druck oder Konkurrenzdenken. Du bist herzlich willkommen, genauso wie du bist.

Mitbringen: Offenheit, Notizbuch
Ort: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Luzern
Team: Rahel Marthy, Yogalehrerin 200h
Kosten: Fr. 55.- (inkl. Unterricht, Wasser/Tee)


Aerial Yoga Play Beginner Workshop III Core Work

SAT, 5th September, 10.00h - 12.30h

In this workshop you build on the last exercises of the previous workshops. Reverse postures and abdominal strengthening are in the foreground, but we also enjoy the ease and playfulness of working with the yoga shawl.

The workshop can also be attended by beginners.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne 
Team: Lara Bühler

Costs: CHF 75.- with yearly subscription/repeater: CHF 60.- (incl. lessons, yoga towel, mat)
Max. 11 places. For available places see timetable


Yoga for the senses.
Yoga Nidra and Essential Oils

SAT, 12th September 2020, 16.30h - 18.30h

Experience how you can use the combination of one of the most effective deep relaxation techniques Yoga Nidra & the purest essential oils to deeply relax and regenerate on a physical, mental and spiritual level. To get in the mood for a relaxed and sensual evening, we start with Yoga Nidra. This is a simple relaxation technique, which is performed while lying down. It causes a deep relaxation by bringing physical, mental and emotional activities to rest. Nidra means sleep and through the mere voice your body and mind will be led into a deep state of relaxation. Yoga Nidra helps you to reduce stress and tension, strengthens your immune system, promotes concentration and leads to more serenity in everyday life.
The use of essential oils in conjunction with Yoga Nidra helps to relax body and mind, and then in the next step to regenerate and heal at the soul level.
You can expect a lecture about a selection of essential oils which provide for more well-being. Learn how the essences can help you to master life's challenges in a more powerful and relaxed way and to feel more focused and balanced.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne
Guest teacher: Jessica Fritzler, Yoga teacher Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra
Costs: CHF 50.- (incl. lesson & material)


Get to know each other-afternoon body therapy trainings

SAT, 22. August 2020, 13.00h - 17.00h

Thomas Primas and his Kientalerhof team will be happy to inform you about the methods and about the new profession "Complementary therapist with federal diploma".

Taster sessions on site in the following training courses: Esalen Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Tibetan Cranial Therapy, Shiatsu. Of course you will also receive information about our further training in Shiatsu, Ayurveda Massage, Lymph Drainage, Systemic Constellations, Spiritual Healing and Tronc Commun.

We are looking forward to see you.
More Information: 
Kientalerhof Campus for Body Therapy 3723 Kiental | 8620 Wetzikon

Registration: https://www.kientalerhof.ch


Mystrengthability - Funktionelles Training in Yoga mit Stefanie

SAT, 5. December 2020, 14.00h - 16.30h

Why should we work with resistance in the yoga practice?  
The MSA™ (My-strength-ability) is a 3-in-1 resistance belt. It allows you to target and stabilize specific areas of your body, bringing more understanding into your yoga practice and allowing you to dive deeper into it. In the theoretical part (approx. 30 min.) you will learn more about the chosen body region and the functionality behind it. During the movement practice we work with the MSA™(My-strength-ability) resistance belt, which is also available at a 20% discount after the workshop. 

The sessions are recommended for all those who would like to learn more about their body and its ability to stabilize in order to deepen their practice in the long term.

Bio: Stefanie has been a Bsc physiotherapist, E-RYT Yoga teacher and instructor for over 10 years. She founded 'Health & Yoga' in 2009 and developed the MSA™ Strap to provide an additional tool for the yoga asana practice and movement therapy. More information: www.healthandyoga.ch_COPY0

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Luzern
Guest teacher: Stefanie Zimmermann Castson
Costs: CHF 55.- (incl. lesson, material, water/tee)
Max. 18 places. For available places see timetable


Aerial Yoga Play Beginner Workshop II
Change perspective - Upside down

SAT, follows 2020, 10.00h - 12.30h

Get an introduction into Aerial Yoga Play and learn simple reversal postures with the yoga shawl. After a few leg, abdominal and arm strengthening exercises, we venture into further upside down poses, learning to enjoy the lengthening of the spine and regenerating the intervertebral discs. Get a different perspective and feel how working against gravity can strengthen leg and abdominal muscles. Look forward to the playful Aerial Yoga Play and the feeling of lightness while floating in the yoga shawl.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne
Team: Lara Bühler

Costs: CHF 75.- with yearly subscription/repeater: CHF 60.- (incl. lessons, yoga towel, mat)
Max. 10 places. For available places see timetable


Aerial Yoga Play Beginner Workshop I
Flying Yoga Lucerne

SAT, date will follow, 10.00h - 12.30h

You receive a good foundation to start with a regular training, you learn the benefits of the Aerial Yoga Play, you receive trust to your yoga swing, you get to know easy inversions and stretches in the swing. Doing flying poses, enjoy ease and letting go everything.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne 
Team: Lara Bühler

Costs: CHF 75.- with yearly subscription/repeater: CHF 60.- (incl. lessons, yoga towel, mat, water/tea)                                                     

Max. 11 places. For available places see timetable


Family Yoga, move together

FRI, date will follow, 17.00 - 18.30 Uhr

Welcome to Family Yoga! Let's jump over the yoga mat together, from young to old, imitate different animals, learn helpful breathing exercises and get into peace.

This Family Event is a wonderful occasion between Christmas and New Year to experience something together and to bring Yoga closer to the children.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne 
Team: Lara Bühler

Costs: CHF 35.- for 1 Child + 1 Adult, additional child: CHF 10.-
(incl. lesson, water/tee)

Max. 20 places. For available places see timetable


Special-Event: Yin & Triggerpoints

FRI, date will follow, 18.00h - 19.30h

Gently move, massage and relax.

In Yin Yoga we work mindful, consciously and dive into deep stretches. This yoga practice grounds and calms your body and mind.

Location: Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio Lucerne Teacher: Lara Bühler
Requirements: nothing needed 

Costs: Fr. 38 or bookable with 90 min. subscription Registration: info@mii-ruum.ch, via the timetable                 Drop-Ins welcome


FLYING KIDS YOGA - Trial workshop for Kids

Date will follow: Wednesday or Friday, 16.00h - 17.15h

Age: 8 - 12 years
Goal:Getting to know physical exercises on the floor and with the yoga shawl, gaining confidence for the shawl, being courageous, supporting teamwork together, relax.

Place: Mii-Ruum Yoga studio Lucerne
Teacher: Lara Bühler, Kids Yoga teacher KidPowerment TT I + II 40h
Requirements: Good basic physical fitness, joy & openness to learn something new, good listening

Costs per Kid: CHF 15.- (incl. lesson ca. 1h, material)
limited to 8 places. Amount of free places: 8

Feedback / Testimonials Aerial Yoga Play Workshop

Esther (40 years old, physical education teacher): "It's wonderful, I must have that again! The relaxation was simply divine."

Claudia (33 years old, occupational therapist): "The instructions were formulated very clearly and understandably. What I enjoyed most was a completely different orientation in the room and a complete free feeling in my upper body after the workshop".

Sophia (34 years old, media librarian): "At the beginning the exercises are always precise instructed so you always feel safe. After the workshop I felt very relaxed, happy and centered."

Andrea (45J.,Coach/energetic therapies): "The word Aerial in Yoga appealed to me, I like the air as an element. I don't really know anything about yoga itself. Already at Lara's first workshop - yes, I've enjoyed two already - I found the short theoretical introduction, like approaching the cloth, very fitting. In practice then, certain positions challenged my body a bit, but I liked it very much & it was well - not only the relaxed dangling in the cloth! The pleasant nature of Lara, her ability for details (corrections), made me feel very safe and secure. I may recommend the Aerial Yoga Lara-Style very much."

Soraya (39 years old, decorator): "This is the second time I've participated, because I really enjoyed the first workshop. The Aerial Yoga Workshop was pleasant but also challenging. For me it was a new experience and relaxing for the neck".

Gabi (45 years old, Shiatsu therapist): "Aerial Yoga is a benefit for my shoulder area! It is very liberating."

Feedback / Testimonials Yin Yoga Workshop

Erna: "I chose the Yin Yoga workshop with Katherine to try out body positions on the floor, which are held passively for a long time. Through the precisely guided exercises, I felt safe and well accompanied. The event was a wonderful new experience for me, followed by a pleasant relaxation in my body".

Your personal Yoga Workshop or Pilates event

You want to enjoy a yoga event with your friends for your birthday? Surprise a friend with a feel-good morning? Or attend a Pilates trial lesson with your team?

Your event: Aerial Yoga Play / Yoga Vinyasa Flow, Hatha or Yin / Pilates
Date and Teacher upon request
Program upon request, in general 1 lesson for 1.5-2h
Level: Beginners - Advanced
Costs: upon request  

Enjoy the event with your friends, if you wish also with an aperitif afterwards.

We would be happy to put together your individual yoga/pilates event in Lucerne according to your wishes and we look forward to your request: info@mii-ruum.ch