Pilates and Yoga Memberships and Prices Lucerne


As an introduction, the trial subscription allows you to get a taste on our wide range of services. Afterwards you can choose between different subscription variants or individual entries. We're looking forward to welcome you on the mat.


Pilates and Yoga Memberships at Mii-Ruum Studio Lucerne

When comparing with other studios, the duration of the subscription and course places must be taken into account. In our studio we take max. 12 persons per course, in Aerial Yoga max. 10 persons. With the subscriptions you can also book flexible schedules and attend Pilates and Yoga classes.

Pilates and Yoga Schnupperabo
  • 3 lessons trial: CHF 60.-, for 3 lessons, Validity: 3 weeks excl. Postnatal Gymnastics, special courses

For spontaneous People / Drop-in: Price single entry

  • Single entry 60-75 min. (Category 1*): CHF 35.-, Validity: 1 month
  • Single entry 75-90 min. (Category 2*): CHF 38.-, Validity: 1 month

For Pilates and Yoga Lovers: Our 10, 20 lessons Membership and the new unlimited monthly Membership

  • 10 lessons 60-75 min. Course (Cat. 1): CHF 300.-, Validity: 16 weeks
  • 20 lessons 60-75 min. Course (Cat. 1): CHF 540.-, Validity: 24 weeks      

  • 10 lessons 60-90 min. Course (Cat. 2): CHF 350.-, Validity: 16 weeks
  • 20 lessons 60-90 min. Course (Cat. 2): CHF 600.-, Validity: 24 weeks

  • Unlimited monthly Membership 60-90 Min.: CHF 225.-, Validity: 4 weeks

For Pilates and Yoga freaks: Our annual subscriptions

  • 1 year Membership 60-90 min.*: CHF 1'170.-, for a total of 47 lessons, incl. Aeriel Yoga

    To benefit from this subscription, you should attend at least 39 regular lessons per year. Excl. special courses/events

  • 1 year Membership unlimited: CHF 1'999.-, unlimited Pilates, Yoga and Aerial Yoga for 1 year
    To benefit from this subscription, your should attend at least 75 regular lessons per year. Excl. special courses/events

Additional charge for Aerial 75 min. and 90 min. course

  • CHF 5.- (bookable with Cat. 1 subscription, one hour will be deducted from the credit balance)

Postnatal Training 10 lessons for fresh Mommies

  • 10 lessons Postnatal Training: CHF 300.-, Validity: 20 weeks 

Cat. 1: 60-75 min. mat course // cat. 2: 60-90 min. course 

* Year-round course implementation and course place cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to make changes to the training or the teacher. Subscriptions cannot be extended. Exception annual subscription: Break possible at: Pregnancy, accident or illness (with medical certificate) of more than 6 weeks for max. 6 months. With the annual subscription you also benefit from special offers at events & workshops

Pricing Privat lessons for Yoga and Pilates 1on1-Training Lucerne

1 lesson:  CHF 120.-/60 min.      //    Aerial Yoga: CHF 130.-/60 min.
5 lessons: CHF 550.-/60 min.

Pricing for 2 People upon request.

Your advantage as a Customer 


  • "Bring-a-Friend": You will receive CHF 30.00 on your next subscription if your friend books a course subscription and announces your name. (cannot be combined with other vouchers. Excl. 4 lessons trial )

  • Broad range of courses: You can make up missed lessons within the booked subscription period in all other courses and take Pilates or Yoga classes.(excl. small group training/spezial course and general breakdowns)

  • Top care relationship: We take a maximum of 12 participants (in Aerial: 10) and you will receive tactile support from the teacher if you wish.

  • Personal: We know your Name and the teacher is able to support you individually.



  • College Students: of a certified college or university; 20% on all subscriptions. (excl. trial subscription, special memberships)

  • Trainees & Students: in initial training; 20% on all subscriptions (excl. trial subscription)

  • Seniors: 20% on all subscriptions (excl. trial subscription)

  • With "KulturLegi": 40% on all subscriptions (excl. trial subscription, special courses), 1x free trial

Send us your student ID/trainee card via e-mail and we will assign the discount to you in the system.

Vouchers Yoga and Pilates classes


Your friend's birthday? A colleague leaves your team? Give a gift of health and well-being in the form of a voucher for Pilates and Yoga courses in Lucerne,

Courses or events can be booked via e-mail with the desired amount. The delivery address can be ordered too.

Order via: info@mii-ruum.ch