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Calm your mind and relax: allow yourself to rest.

We practice in small groups with enough space and via livestream. Look forward to a wide range of courses and inspiring workshops in Aerial Yoga Play (Flying Yoga), Pilates, postnatal Training, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga for beginners to advanced. Our beautiful studio is located centrally in Lucerne in the area of Tribschen.

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News Pilates and Yogastudio Lucerne

Aerial Yoga Courses


Discover a dynamic, heart-opening and relaxing yoga with the Aerial Yoga Cloth. With the yoga cloth we can hang upside down, which stretches our spine long. Yoga poses are experienced differently with the yoga cloth.

Aerial Yoga in Lucerne
Monday, 19.15h with Lara
Thursday, 17.30h with Lara/Arlent

Strong Vinyasa Flow


In Strong Vinyasa, you can properly challenge your body and mind while entering a meditative state through flowing movements.

Strong Vinyasa Flow
Monday, 18.00h 
with Arlent Püntener

Postnatal training 

Ruckbildungskurs Mii-Ruumjpg

You have just become a mummy? Congratulations!
After pregnancy, postnatal training helps you to rebuild your muscles and feel fitter.

When booking, you can choose between live stream or on-site.


Yoga for beginners in Lucerne

Yoga Anfanger Luzernjpg

In our yoga lessons you can also start well as a yoga beginner. We are looking forward to all fresh yogis and yoginis.

Also in all Pilates courses in our studio in Lucerne you can start as a Pilates beginner. The course level is from beginner to advanced.

Newcomers: With the 3-trial subscription for Fr. 60.- you can attend three lessons of your choice during three weeks.

Upcoming Workshops & Events


Yoga & Brunch with Lara on the 29th of June!

More Aerial workshops and our Yoga and Pilates Weekend you can find here:

Masage and Therapy Lucerne


Relax and take some time for yourself.


For the booking you can download the App SportsNow: Book your yoga or pilates lessons directly over the app or your computer.

Feedbacks from our customers to the Yoga and Pilates trainings as well as to the postnatal training

«The exercises are great and were very pleasant despite the effort. So I could do sports again after my pregnancy.»
Agnes, Participant Postnatal Training, 2023

« A year ago I started with yoga, I was looking for something new after some Pilates experience. A friend recommended the yoga studio Mii-Ruum in Lucerne. I started with a trial subscription. A great way to get to know the studio! I attended my first yoga classes and felt comfortable. Hatha, Aerial and Vinyasa Yoga. With Vinyasa Yoga I got stuck and found the ideal class for me. Michelle also offers variety to the loyal participants. Today I am more agile, my digestion is better, my mood is more balanced. »
Maria, 57 years old, team leader customer service, January 2020

«As soon as you walk in, you'll realise that Mii-Ruum is a place of well-being. I really enjoyed attending the Lucerne postnatal training, which consists of Pilates and Yoga exercises on the one hand, and tips for everyday life on the other hand. With her calm manner, clear instructions and helpful input on how to perform the exercises, Lara led the course with great competence. I think the possibility to participate with or without a baby is great.»
Steffi, 30 years old, September 2019

«I have been practicing yoga for 12 years, sometimes regularly, sometimes sporadically. I was looking for an offer during the "summer break". So I came across the homepage of Mii-Ruum, which appealed to me very much with the course offer. With Lara's advice I found the course that suits me. Since I practice yoga every week, and if I have time more times a week at home, I feel more flexible, have less discomfort due to my herniated disc and feel fundamentally fitter.»
Julia, 29 years old, school social worker, 2018

«For me, Vinyasa Flow Yoga is the perfect complement to other sports activities. The attentive observation and careful guidance of Lara with the focus on body awareness promotes strength and flexibility - rounded off with relaxation. I also appreciate the easy accessibility of the Mii-Ruum Yoga Studio in Lucerne and the size of the classes.»
Conny, 51 years old, nursing specialist, 2017
«I have been attending Pilates lessons with Lara for several years. After an "abstinence from movement" of more than 35 years the start was hard. Thanks to the careful supervision and control, my mobility, coordination and balance improved noticeably. I also appreciate the clean, pleasant rooms, the manageable size of the classes and above all the good control of the teachers. They help me to keep a good posture and to go into old age fit.»
Emma, 69 years old, permanent make-up stylist, 2017

Aerial Yoga Lucerne in the media

Aerial Yoga at zentralplus

Yoga trends for 2020: A few of them already exist in Lucerne.
At the Mii-Ruum Studio there is the Aerial Yoga.

Bat Yoga in the 20Minuten newspaper - Flying Yoga Lucerne

20 Minuten reporter Jaqueline Straub has visited our Pilates and Yoga studio in Lucerne. And she gave Aerial Yoga Play a try. More about her experience you find here.