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Our yoga and Pilates teachers pass on their wealth of experience with much inspiration, joy and motivation.

They are looking forward to welcome you in their classes.


Aischa Labiodh

Yoga teacher 200h
Teaching Vinyasa flow on tuesday mornings

I first came into contact with yoga in 2014, when I was looking for a practice that would give me more flexibility for my body and peace of mind in addition to my passion for exercise and sports. After the first time, I immediately noticed that yoga triggered a positive feeling in me, which could not really be described. It touched my heart from the beginning and I soon realized that yoga is more than just movement. It is a holistic philosophy that helped me to achieve more satisfaction, ease and compassion in dealing with myself and others. Yoga became an important part of my life and I am very impressed by its healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Education and Development
2020 Yoga intensiv training (Manuela Peverelli, Yogamoves Winterthur
2018 200h Yoga teacher training (Airyoga, Stephen Thomas, Claire Dalloz)

Alexandra Checchini

Yoga teacher 200h, 300h
Substitution Yoga Vinyasa Monday evening

In the beginning it was the physical aspect of yoga that fascinated Alexandra. Later on her world tour, yoga developed as her personal attitude to life. Alexandra is fascinated by the versatility and the holistic connection of yoga. For her, yoga means connecting body and mind and taking time for herself. Yoga also means for her to share fun and joy of life with each other. In Alexandra's lessons she incorporates the many aspects of yoga, asanas for the body, meditation exercises for the mind and pranayama for the spirit. She is happy to share her passion and joy for Yoga with you.

Education and Development
2020 Online Yoga anatomy course Yoga medicine
2018 YTT 300h Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga World Yoga Alliance, Nepal
2017 YTT 200h Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga World Yoga Alliance, Nepal

Aline Scherer

Pilates instructor (art of motion), dipl. Physiotherapist
Teaching Pilates on tuesday nights

As a qualified physiotherapist, Aline has a keen interest in the analysis and understanding of human movement, the functional movement anatomy and physical health in the General. Through her further training to become a certified Pilates instructor Aline was able to further develop her personal knowledge of movement and give their joy of movement new facets.

Education and Development
2019 Pilates Flow, Postnatal Gymnastic (art of motion)
2017 Pilates Essentials training (art of motion, Andrea Bürger, Susanna Flury)
2017 Dipl. Physiotherapist

Caroline von Allmen

Pilates instructor (art of motion), 
dipl. Physiotherapist,

Head of substitutions

For Caroline, Pilates and Pilates Slings is the perfect balance for the soul and body for the endurance sport that accompanies her almost daily routine. Pilates Slings has awakened a passion in her, because in this form of movement you learn to work precisely and listen to your inner self. Through continuity, the body can learn and experience movements that will help you in everyday life as well as in endurance sports. Caroline is particularly fond of the fasciated Pilates Slings by art of motion and she is convinced that this training can lead to a better power transmission in and within the muscles. She is looking forward to sharing her experience and knowledge with you and to spending exciting, challenging and all-round beneficial hours together.

Aus- und Weiterbildung
2019 Pilates Flow, Anatomy trains in Motion, Slings I&II (art of motion)
2018 Pilates Essentials Training (art of motion)
2014 Dipl. Physiotherapist FH (ZHAW), ESP Sportphsiotherapie (Zurzach)

Dmitrii Vatagin

Yoga teacher, lessons in EN
Substitution for Hatha on monday nights

Dmitrii was born in Moscow. Already at a young age he was interested in sports, martial arts and eastern philosophy. In 2000 he started dancing. The hobby became a second vocation for him. He also took part in concerts and musicals in Russia and abroad. During this time yoga became a natural way to work with the body and strengthen the balance. In 2012 Dmitrii completed his first yoga teacher training. Gradually, yoga changed from a tool to a lifestyle.

Dmitrii worked in several yoga studios in Moscow, taught seminars and retreats in Russia, Thailand, India and Switzerland.

Education and Development
2016-2019 School of Yoga and Health Systems (300h) (Vyacheslav, Elena Smirnov)
2014  Craniosacral therapy, method of Rosemary Wallace (Rosemary Wallace)
2013  Sunshine Network School - Thai Yoga Massage teaching assistance, Thai massage training with masters of northern Thailand
2012/2013 Elemental / Lunar Immersions AcroYoga (Pau Castellsagué)
ab 2012 Workshops and personal retreats with Daniel Strausser on modern and traditional yoga techniques
2012 Moscow Yoga University (200h)

Linda Schenker

Yogal teacher (RYT 200)
Teaching Yoga on thursday nights, Administration & Social Media

Linda found her way to yoga in 2013 without knowing it. The three-month stay on the Canary Island Fuerteventura turned into a three-year break. She lived a whole new life, which awakened her consciousness and got to know countless people who follow their hearts and are satisfied with their life as it is. Back in Switzerland she was missing something. The search ended with Yoga. She decided to train as a yoga teacher and found a lot in the books, which she had found out for herself on her way through Spain. She also wants to show others how she builds a bridge between yoga and everyday life.

Education and Development
2019 i.A. 300h Yoga teacher-training, 200h Yoga teacher-training Hatha Yoga (YogaVeda)
2015 Spanish coastal sailing licence
2014 Surf instructor ISA Level 1
2013 Windsurf instructor VDWS
Took part one different events: Yoga, Meditation, shamanic Ritual

Michelle Birrer

Yoga teacher (RYT 200)
Teaching Vinyasa Yoga tuesday nights


For Michelle yoga means to be in harmony on all levels - BODY - MIND -SOUL. She is convinced that everyone already carries this harmony within themselves and wants to help her students to discover it. As a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200), she places great emphasis on wholeness in her yoga classes, showing you how to connect with your breath and through mindfulness let the beneficial effects of movement unfold. "Seeing yoga as a practical tool that we can incorporate into our daily lives to be and stay in balance - that makes sense to me." In any case you will find in Michelle an inspiring yoga teacher who teaches with heart and joy!

Education and Development
2019 Ayurveda Wellness Course 100h (Sivananda Instituta of Health, Dr. Vishnu P.R. Bams, India)
Various Workshops in India: Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama, Sivananda Yoga
2018 Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Course, RYT 200h (Marina Yoga Krabi, Thailand)
2017 Reiki Level 1 & 2 course (Arati Healing Center, Koh Phangan, Tailand)
Various Yoga Workshops, Yoga- and Meditation retreats

Nathalie Palermo

Administration, Customer requests and support


Meinen Weg zum Yoga fand ich über Pilates, dessen wohltuende Wirkung ich bereits vor über 15 Jahren kennenlernen konnte. Ich mag Yoga und Pilates unter anderem deshalb so gerne, weil ich dadurch mit mir selbst in Kontakt komme, ich das Training meinen individuellen Bedürfnissen nach anpassen kann und es auch überall praktizierbar ist. Yoga ist für mich aber mehr als nur eine physische Praxis. Es bringt mich und mein Leben auch immer wieder innerlich in Bewegung und gibt mir das Gefühl, mir selbst näher zu sein.

Ich freue mich, das Mii-Ruum Team in der Administration zu unterstützen und diese Tätigkeit mit meiner Leidenschaft für Yoga zu verbinden.

Aus- und Weiterbildung
2018 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 200h (Comunidad Om Shanti, Barcelona)

Regula Limacher

Pilates instructor (art of motion), Dipl. Physiotherapist
Teaching Pilates on thursday mornings
Regula completed her training as a Pilates instructor in 2015 and teaches with passion and love for movement. As a physiotherapist, she sees a lot of potential in Pilates to strengthen the deep muscles, promote mobility and thus improve balance and posture. With a varied and adaptable repertoire of exercises, she always strives to make Pilates classes motivating and to awaken and strengthen the joy of movement.

Aus- und Weiterbildung
2019 Anatomy Trains in Motion (art of motion)
2015 Pilates Essentials Course (art of motion)
2013 Dipl. Physiotherapist

Lara Bühler

Owner Mii-Ruum Yoga ∙ Pilates ∙ Wellness, certified Yoga teacher, Aerial Yoga Play teacher, Pilates teacher, Slings Myofascial Training Foundation
Head of various courses from Tuesday - Thursday

Lara teaches Pilates since 2012 and Yoga since 2015. Her teaching style is characterized by varied lessons with a focus on alignment and perception. In order to give these new inputs, she started the fascia training in 2019. The fascination and experience in Pilates, Yoga and Aerial Yoga is always very enriching for Lara to pass on to her participants.

Education and Development
2019 i.A. biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, i.A. Anatomie Basis (HPS Luzern), Anatomy Trains® in Motion (art of motion), Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion® I,  Slings in Motion® II (Andreas Klingelbiel, Stephanie Ludwig, Antonia Sassanelli), Yin Yoga TT 50h (Arhanta-online-academy) 
2018 KidPowerment TT I + II 40h (Christyn Schroeder), Sky Yoga Workshop (Radiantly Alive, Pedro Salazar)
2017 Aerial Yoga Play Teacher Training (Hawaii, Jen Healy)moved Postnatal Gymnastics   (art of motion, Sue Peyer)
2015 Yoga Teacher Training 200h (AirYoga Zürich, Stephan Thomas, Clarie Dalloz, Evelyne Hunger, Doug Keller, Manuela Peverelli, Michael Turnherr, Stefanie Zimmermann)
Various Yoga Workshops, Yoga- and Meditation retreats (Claire , Yin Yoga, Chakra Meditation, Mantra & Meditation
Various Pilates Educations as moved Pregnancy, Pilates small devices, functional Choreographies, tactile instructions, Pilates Medical Aspects (art of motion)
2013 Pilates Flow (art of motion, Karin Gurtner)
2011 Pilates Course (art of motion, Karin Gurtner, Grainne O'Brian & Andrea Frick) 

Rahel Marthy

Yoga teacher 200h
On vacation 


"Yoga has helped me to find back to my true self and to perceive body, mind and soul more differentiated again. Rahel completed her training as a yoga teacher in 2018 in Rishikesh, India. On her one and a half year journey with a backpack through Asia and in a van through South America she invested a lot of time in the study and practice of spiritual practices - yoga, meditation and astrology became her daily companions in dealing with challenging situations. Since mid-2019 she is back in Switzerland and is looking forward to supporting others on their way with her experience and knowledge. It is important to her to recognize the uniqueness of each person on all levels and to work with rather than against their dispositions.

Education and Development
2020 100 h Somatic Yin Yoga at Jade Wood
2019 Various Workshops: Tantra Yoga (Jason Milne), Somatic Yoga (Pia Fischer), Scaravelli Yoga (Helen Noakes), Song of the Soul (Ayla Schafer), Astrology and natural health (ZFA Zentralschweizer Fachschule für psychologische Astrologie)
2018 YTT AYM School Rishikesh 200h, Reiki Level 1,

Stay in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand
2017 Training as systemic coach & consultant (Zurich)

Leydi Küttel

Yoga teacher 200h and 300h (Ashtanga-Vinyasa)
Teaching Creative Vinyasa and Restorative Hatha on monday nights

Leydi started her practice 14 years ago with Hatha-Sivananda Yoga and Power Yoga in a fitness club. "The first lessons were very impressive for me, as it was the first time in my life that I was able to experience my breath, my perception of my body and my thoughts in a mindful way. Moving the body fluidly through the sounds of music has always been Leydi's passion. As a child she started with Jazz-Dance, later she took part in the Oberrüti association competition- dance gymnastics. After a cruciate ligament rupture, she began to devote herself more intensively to yoga and discovered a new passion. "Yoga has shown me that it is about more than the body and the mind". The journey into the depths of yoga led her to complete the training as a yoga teacher in India. Leydi's lessons are creative, peppered with pictures and tools. This way she creates the basis for each yogi to unfold and develop further in her personal practice. Leydi is looking forward to exciting encounters with her yoga students* at Mii-Ruum Studio.

Education and Development
  • 2019 300h Ashtanga-Vinyasa in Sampoorna, India, Yin Yoga TT 25h (Stephanie Arend), Yoga Wheel Training
    Yin Yoga TT 50h (Arhanta-online-academy)
  • 2018 200h Ashtanga-Vinyasa in Sampoorna, India
  • Various Yoga workshops and development courses: Petri Räisänen/ Martyna Syguda (Ashtanga), Chantal Hauser (Forrestyoga) , Young-ho-Kim (insideyoga), Stu Girling (Yoga anatomy), Meditation retreat, instructor J&S Kids, instructor J&S Tanz and Gymnastic u.w.

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