Our Team

Our Yoga and Pilates teachers pass on their wealth of experience with much inspiration, joy and motivation.

They are looking forward to welcome you in their classes.


Arlent Püntener

Yoga teacher 500h - Teaching Vinyasa and Aerial on Monday, Postnatal training


Arlent's yoga journey began in 1997 at the age of 16 in her native Mexico City. She has always been very curious and wanted to find out how body and mind are connected. Her main inspiration to practice yoga was the search for herself. She did most of her yoga training in China, where she lived for five years. With more than 1000 training hours and currently over 1500 teaching hours, Arlent developed her own style of yoga. An unconventional blend of Hatha, Asthanga, Rocket and Restorative Yoga.

Education and Development
2022 I.e. Aerial Yoga TT
Until 2022 Studies in Advanced Certificated Yoga Program

  • 500 RYT von Yoga Alliance in Shanghai, China  
  • 200 Rocket Vinyasa TTC mit David Kyle
  • 200 TAV (Therapeutische Alignment Vinyasa Yoga)

Desirée Olsson

Yoga teacher 700h - Karma Yogini Hatha Yoga Wednesday


Desirée explored different styles of yoga before deciding to complete her 200-hour classical hatha yoga teacher training in 2016. Her intention is to consciously and passionately share this knowledge with others, using yogic and tantric practices as her main tools. 

Her yoga classes are intuitively oriented and focus on reconnecting with oneself and the cycles of nature. She loves to bring aspects of astrology and the 5 elements into her classes.

Education and Development
2019 300h Sharab Tantra Yoga Teacher Training (Satya Loka, India)
2017 200h Hatha Yoga (Spanda Yoga School, Turkey)
2016 200h Hatha Yoga (Akasha Yoga Academy, Thailand)

Hana Javorska

Pilates Teacher
Teaching Aerial and Pilates on Tuesday


As a teenager, Hana had problems with her back that restricted her from doing sports. During months of physiotherapy, she developed a whole new body awareness and did her exercises consistently for years. 

When she attended her first Pilates class in autumn 2011, she found it the perfect way to mobilise and stabilise her back at the same time. After a few classes, she realised that the Pilates repertoire provides a wonderful movement balance for other sports and it also literally supports her back in everyday life.

In her classes, Hana aims to help participants develop good body awareness, attentive body perception and improved posture through Pilates. 

Education and Development
2022 I.e. Aerial Yoga TT
2021 zertifizierte Pilateslehrerin in zeitgenössischem Pilates (art of motion)
2021 Pilates Essentials, Pilates Flows, Pilates Unterrichten (art of motion)
2020 Pilates Anatomy & Pilates Basics (art of motion)

Irina Studhalter

Yoga teacher 200h
Teaching Vinyasa on Friday 

After her first yoga class, Irina was so relaxed and enchanted that she didn't even want to talk about this new experience, she just wanted to go back to the yoga studio. Ten years have passed since then and the attraction of yoga teaching has become stronger and stronger. Yoga brings Irina back to her intuition, brings calm and serenity to her everyday life and makes her feel grateful for many "little" things.

Education and Development
2021 200h Vinyasa Yoga (Bianca Sissing, LIV lab Luzern)
2021 60h Foundations in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Working with Injuries, Functional Movements & Spiritual Awareness (Bianca Sissing, Emma Skyllbäck, Juan Carlos Russo, LIV lab Luzern)

Leydi Küttel

Yoga teacher 200h and 300h (Ashtanga-Vinyasa)
Teaching Prenatal Yoga

Leydi started her practice 14 years ago with Hatha-Sivananda Yoga and Power Yoga in a fitness club. "The first lessons were very impressive for me, as it was the first time in my life that I was able to experience my breath, my perception of my body and my thoughts in a mindful way. Moving the body fluidly through the sounds of music has always been Leydi's passion. As a child she started with Jazz-Dance, later she took part in the Oberrüti association competition- dance gymnastics. After a cruciate ligament rupture, she began to devote herself more intensively to yoga and discovered a new passion. "Yoga has shown me that it is about more than the body and the mind". The journey into the depths of yoga led her to complete the training as a yoga teacher in India. Leydi's lessons are creative, peppered with pictures and tools. This way she creates the basis for each yogi to unfold and develop further in her personal practice. Leydi is looking forward to exciting encounters with her yoga students* at Mii-Ruum Studio.

Education and Development
2019 300h Ashtanga-Vinyasa in Sampoorna, India, Yin Yoga TT 25h (Stephanie Arend), Yoga Wheel Training
Yin Yoga TT 50h (Arhanta-online-academy)
2018 200h Ashtanga-Vinyasa in Sampoorna, India
Various Yoga workshops and development courses: Petri Räisänen/ Martyna Syguda (Ashtanga), Chantal Hauser (Forrestyoga) , Young-ho-Kim (insideyoga), Stu Girling (Yoga anatomy), Meditation retreat, instructor J&S Kids, instructor J&S Tanz and Gymnastic u.w.

Martina Wüest

Yoga teacher 200h, Yin Yoga 46h
Teaching Hatha Yoga on Thursday


Martina found her way to yoga by chance about 14 years ago at the "Sport am Mittag" offer of her employer.
OMs, Mantras, Pranayama and Shavasana as well as the vibrations of the singing bowls touched her deeply. The curiosity for more was awakened and since then Martina has been practising regularly. Yoga has accompanied her during her studies as well as during her one year stay in New Zealand and has had a great influence on her. On her yoga path she was inspired by various wonderful people. Now she is happy to share her knowledge and experiences.

Education and Development
2019 46h Yin Yoga (Markus Henning Gies)
2018 200h Hatha Yoga (Krishna Chaitanya, Sanjay Ganga, Baburaj), India
Several Workshops, Yoga- and Meditationretreats (Andrea Coggins, Bianca Sissing, Kristina Wirz, Chantal Hauser, Caroline Cinnanti, Sarah Turro, Vinod Kumar Rajan, Young Ho Kim, Viki Thurmen, Lillian Burford und Lauryn Jones)

Simona Grob

Pilates Instructor
Teaching Pilates on Thursday mornings


"I have great respect for my body, which is a reason for me to be very conscious and mindful of it." 

For Simona, Pilates is more than just a sport: the fascination of how body and mind are strengthened in a gentle but efficient way, and how movement is promoted, she was able to experience on her own body over many years. Inspired by the positive success, she decided in 2018 to train as a Pilates instructor.

With a lot of joy and passion Simona wants to pick you up in her classes and offer you a training in which you feel stable and well accompanied, but at the same time you can lose yourself.

Education and Development
2022 Pilates und tools (art of motion)
Anatomy Trains in Motion (art of motion)
2019 Pilates Tactile instructing & Pilates Flows (art of motion)
2018 Pilates Teaching 1, Pilates Anatomie & Pilates Basics (art of motion)

Camille Schönbächler

Administration, Customer requests and support

Camille Schonbachler - Mii-Ruum Yoga und Pilates Studio LuzernJPG

Yoga has been a great passion of Camille's for several years now. "Every time I get on the mat, it brings me a little bit closer to myself." Yoga has helped Camille enormously to become more aware of her body and to live more in the now. It keeps showing her what is really important and makes her see things more clearly. Camille is fascinated by the fact that it is very complex and demanding with all the different asanas. On the other hand, it is also so simple, because all you need is yourself and, at best, a yoga mat. Camille is therefore very happy to combine her passion for yoga with her professional activity and to work in the administration of the Mii-Ruum team.

Selina Scheiwiller

Administration, Customer requests & support, Social Media
Teaching substitutions


Selina has been practicing yoga regularly for years and has always enjoyed getting to know different yoga styles and teachers, as she was always able to learn something new and open up new perspectives. Her passion for yoga grew and inspired her daily. Not only the physical aspect and the control of the breath, but also living yoga off the mat fascinates Selina a lot.
"Through yoga I feel more balanced and connected to my inner self. I am curious to see where yoga will take me in my life and I am looking forward to being part of the Mii-Ruum team."

Education and Development
Postnatal Gymnastics (art of motion)
RYS 50h Yin Yoga TT (Arhanta-online-academy)
RYS 200h Vinyasa Yoga (Online YTT, Shades of Yoga, Indonesien)

Currently on maternity leave

Lara Bühler

Owner Mii-Ruum Yoga and Pilates Studio, certified Yoga teacher, Aerial Yoga Play teacher, Pilates teacher, Slings Myofascial Training Foundation


Lara teaches Pilates since 2012 and Yoga since 2015. Her teaching style is characterized by varied lessons with a focus on alignment and perception. In order to give these new inputs, she started the fascia training in 2019 and is studying since 2019 biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.
The fascination and experience in Pilates, Yoga and Aerial Yoga is always very enriching for Lara to pass on to her participants. 

Education and Development
Baby- and Kidscourse Craniosacral
School Medicin WestMed150
i.A. biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, i.A. Anatomie Basis (HPS Luzern), Anatomy Trains® in Motion (art of motion), Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion® I, Slings in Motion® II, Yin Yoga TT 50h (Arhanta-online-academy)
2018 KidPowerment TT I + II 40h (Christyn Schroeder), Sky Yoga Workshop
2017 Aerial Yoga Play Teacher Training, moved Postnatal Gymnastics (art of motion)
2015 Yoga Teacher Training 200h (AirYoga Zürich, Stephan Thomas a.m.)
Various Yoga Workshops, Yoga- and Meditation retreats (Yin Yoga, Chakra Meditation, Mantra & Meditation
Various Pilates Educations as moved Pregnancy, Pilates small devices, functional Choreographies, tactile instructions, Pilates Medical Aspects
2013 Pilates Flow (art of motion)
2011 Pilates Course (art of motion)

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We are currently looking for a Karma Yogini or Karma Yogi to support us in the development of new courses (min. 200h yoga training).
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