Our Pilates and Yoga Studio Lucerne

Our Yoga and Pilates Studio is centrally located in the city of Lucerne at the Tribschenquartier, within walking distance of the Lucerne train station. Here you can switch off from everyday life. We look forward to welcome you in our beautiful yoga room.


Mii-Ruum - "give yourself space"

Mii-Room - Your space where you can train and switch off, time for yourself. Give space, of which we also speak in our breathing: we give the air 'space'.   
Give yourself space and time - free from judging, criticizing and comparing with others. You are in the centre. Develop Body awareness, strength and endurance. Learn to relax, to let go, to stay in balance and let all this flow into your everyday life. A place to grow, strengthen and change!

Origin of Mii-Ruum

Lara Bühler started teaching Pilates courses in Horw in 2012 and soon the Pilates courses could be extended to the city of Lucerne. The new name "Mii-Ruum Yoga, Pilates, Wellness" followed in 2016 due to the expansion with yoga classes. Since April 2017 we are now in our own yoga and pilates studio at Tribschenstrasse in Lucerne and some new inspiring teachers* have joined the leadership team. We love the variety and versatility and therefore it was clear to us that the offer should be just as exciting. At the Mii-Ruum Studio you can attend different yoga classes like Aerial Yoga Play (which is unique in Switzerland), Pilates and Postnatal Gymnastics.


Strengthen in Pilates - Healthy and relaxed with Yoga

In today's fast-paced and hectic everyday life with high pressure to perform and stress, it is all than more important to take time for yourself.

Yoga and Pilates complement each other. Ideal. While in Pilates we do many strengthening exercises for abdominal muscles, we stretch them in yoga. Both forms of training contain balance, stretching, strengthening and relaxation exercises. You're able to make up your missed lessons with other ones. Our team is looking forward to support you on your Way!

Rent the Studio in Lucerne

Our studio can also be rented for regular group courses, private training or for sporadic events such as workshops, seminars etc. The room is entered without shoes.

Rental inquiries by phone or mail : info@mii-ruum.ch