Pilates Lucerne

For a better body sensation

Pilates is a stabilisation and strength training. The aim is to strengthen the deep, usually weaker muscles and the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles. In the Mii-Ruum Yoga and Pilates Studio Lucerne you will find a versatile Pilates week program as well as postnatal training according to Pilates standards.

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The Pilates exercises specifically help to strengthen of the deep-lying muscles of the upper body (transversus abdominis, pelvic floor, diaphragm and multifidi) which support us in everyday life. In Pilates we integrate balance, stretching, strengthening and relaxation exercises. Pilates can be practiced until old age and is especially suitable for runners, as well as for other sportsmen and sportswomen as a balance to their training. 

As Pilates has many strengthening exercises for the abdominal muscles, we offer Yoga which is opening up our heart region. In our opinion Pilates and Yoga complement each other perfectly and that's why we offer both of them in our studio in Lucerne. This offers the participants of the Pilates training to take part in Yoga classes. 

For a varied training we work with the Pilates roll, with toning balls, soft balls or tennis balls. We look forward to welcome you to a Pilates class in Lucerne.


Current Pilates classes in Lucerne

Our current Pilates classes for beginner and advanced levels you find in our schedule.

At the moment we have three different Pilates trainer:
Tuesday, 19.00h - 20.00h with Aline Scherer
Wednesday, 17.45h - 18.45h with Lara Bühler
Wednesday, 19.00h - 20.00h with Lara Bühler
Thursday, 06.55h - 07.55h with Simona Grob
Thursday, 12.15h - 13.15h with Lara Bühler

The advantages of Pilates

  • strengthening of the deep muscles
  • mobilization of the spinal column
  • improvement of posture
  • mobility and balance
  • reduction of stress
  • correct breathing
  • relaxation 
  • promotes health and a good body feeling

Testimonials - that's what our clients say to the Pilates classes

«I have been attending Pilates lessons with Lara for several years. After an "abstinence from movement" of more than 35 years the start was hard. Thanks to the careful supervision and control, my mobility, coordination and balance improved noticeably.
I also appreciate the clean, pleasant rooms, the manageable size of the groups and above all the good control. They help me to keep a good posture and to enter old age fit.»
Emma, 69 years old, permanent make-up artist
«I started Pilates when I was a student. It was offered at the university. I realized the physical and mental benefits of it. It was a welcome change to the head-heavy study, because during the Pilates class I could switch off my head and focus on the body. Meanwhile I have been doing Pilates for almost ten years and I don't intend to stop :). At the Mii-Ruum Yoga and Pilates Studio the whole package suits for me. The instructors give professional instructions and respond to the individual needs of the participants. The facilities are very nice and atmospheric. The trainings are varied so that I always learn something new.»
Marisa, 31 years old, architekt

After pregnancy: Postnatal training with Baby according to Pilates standards

Tuesday, 10.00h - 11.00h (10 x 60 minutes)
Thursday, 14.00h - 15.00h (10 x 60 minutes)

Who can join the Pilates and Yoga classes?

Yoga and Pilates are suitable for sporty and less sporty men and women of all ages. Actually for everyone. You don't have to be specially fit or trained to join a Yoga or Pilates class at Mii-Ruum Yoga and Pilates Studio. Each exercise has simplification and enhancement options, so you can tailor it to your own needs.