Foot Reflexology at Mii-Ruum Studio Lucerne


Massage and Medial Healing

Relaxing or Stimulating

Caroline Eberli
Working in the therapy room on Friday

Banned to the lower end of our physical existence, they are far too often ignored - OUR FEET. Treat yourself to some time out and let YOUR FEET be cared.

The foot serves as a mirror image of the body and the whole person.
This massage increases joie de vivre and vitality and has an
- activating
- balancing
- harmonizing
- relaxing

Price: Fr. 90.- / 90 minutes

Vacation in your head - Access bars

Everything in life comes to me/you with lightness, joy and glory.

Access Bars are 32 energy points that are held on the head. Thoughts, habits, behavior patterns, beliefs, convictions, thoughts, evaluations, emotions are deleted and restarted.

Price: Fr. 90.- / 90 minutes

Contact: Caroline can be reached by phone on 079 338 28 34 or by email at