Aerial Yoga Lucerne - Flying Yoga Lucerne

Experience Aerial Yoga in our Yoga Studio in the city of Lucerne. This style of Yoga offers completely new possibilities. It is easy on the joints, it's dynamic, it opens the heart and it supports you in reverse postures and in backbends. We are looking forward to inspiring you for the playful Aerial Yoga.

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Yoga-Fotos von der talentierten MissSina.

In Aerial Yoga we work with a yoga shawl, which is used to support you in the exercises. It gives you an unique experience with ease especially in reversal postures. The head-over-heels postures can relieve the intervertebral discs, the spine can realigne and cramped muscles in the upper back and shoulders area can relax. Aerial Yoga Play is also a fitness workout. Belly, arms and legs are strengthened and the cloth lets you experience stretches more deeply. The flying workout is fun, gives you lightness for your everyday life and the following Shavasana (deep relaxation) in the yoga towel is a pleasure.

Aerial Yoga is unique in Switzerland. In our Yoga Studio in Lucerne we have created an Aerial Yoga with a maximum of ten participants. Book your Flying Yoga lesson in Lucerne now.


Current Aerial Yoga classes in Lucerne

Aerial Yoga Trainings

Monday, 19.15h - 20.30h
Tuesday, 17.30h - 18.30h
Thursday, 17.30h - 18.30h

We also offer Aerial Yoga Workshops in Lucerne for beginners and advanced students. Read more about it here.

Flying Kids Yoga Lucerne

We also offer Aerial Yoga for children in the city of Lucerne. In a playful way, children can experiance self-confidence, respectful interaction with others and themselves, gratitude and ease. Klick on the button for more information:

Requirements for Aerial Yoga in Lucerne

To practice Aerial Yoga it is recommended to be in a good physical condition and that you have a basic strength in your arms. 

Before you participate in a regular class we recommend to attend a beginners workshop or to have Yoga/Pilates experience on the mat.

The reverse postures are not suitable for people with high blood pressure, high eye pressure or heart problems.

Notes on hygeine and comfort for Aerial Yoga

So that we can train for a long time with pleasant yoga cloths, please note the following:
  • wear a shirt with sleeves to cover the armpits
  • no jewelry to avoid tears or holes in the cloth
  • clean hands and feet (maybe use a fresh pair of socks after work)
  • ladies: no or only little make-up

Positive effects of Aerial Yoga 

  • Relieves back pain
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthens arms, legs and trunk
  • Helps to let go and brings more serenity
  • Opens the heart
  • Strengthens the immune system and self-confidence
  • Increases concentration capacity
  • Saves joints
  • Supports reverse postures:
  • Relieves intervertebral discs, realigns the spine, relaxes internal organs and tense muscles, releases blockages, reduces stress, helps to remove toxins better, gives a different perspective, strengthens focus-balance brain activity

Recommendations of our clients for Aerial Yoga Lucerne

Judith (51 years old, vocational school teacher): 
"The lightness that comes from the Yoga towel is wonderful. Very good stretching is possible without strain. After the class I have the feeling of having done a lot for my body. And it lasts a while. I think Aerial Yoga is especially nice for people who love to find themselves in a weightlessness. For me it is compareable to freedom, it feels almost like flying." 

Alexandra (26 years old, journalist), participant of the workshop: 
"I really enjoyed the workshop. The pace was well adapted for beginners. What I liked most were the head-over-heels postures, which surprised me. I could do things that I was not expecting to be able to do ;-)."

There are different Aerial Yoga variations. In the Aerial Yoga Play (AYP) we use a large yoga towel, two leg loops and two hand holders. The cloth are made in the San Francisco, USA. They are extra soft and elastic and have been tested for a weight of up to 180kg. The Aerial Yoga Play is unique in Switzerland.

More information about Aerial Yoga Play can be found on the official homepage: