Postnatal Training Lucerne: For fresh Mommies

In this postnatal course, the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are rebuilt with targeted training and we mobilise, strengthen and stretch our bodies. Our teachers have many years of teaching experience and support you in your postnatal regression.

You can attend the postnatal classes on site in our beautiful Yoga and Pilates Studio Lucerne or online. There are also a number of postnatal videos available for you to watch.


Postnatal with Pilates (with Baby) in Lucerne

Postnatal Cours 1: Tuesday, 10.00h - 11.00h
Small group and Livestream
Place: Mii-Ruum Pilates and Yogastudio Lucerne 
Teacher: Lara, Arlent (maternity cover from June on)

Postnatal Course 2: Thursday, 14.00h - 15.00h
Small group and Livestream
Place: Mii-Ruum Pilates and Yogastudio Lucerne
Teacher: Lara, Arlent (maternity cover from June on)

Costs 10er-Class: CHF 300.- (10 x 60 min.)
Min. 5, max. 10 Women 
Validity: 6 Months (with the subscription, video lessons or yoga / Pilates classes can also be attended, provided that the regression is completed earlier.)
Ongoing course, entry possible at any time

The baby can be taken to the Mii-Ruum Studio in Lucerne for the Postnatal training course.

Registration: via Schedule, the terms and conditions apply. 

Information Postnatal Training Course

Recommendation: Regular participation, at least 1x per week, from the 3rd week onwards a second training session per week supports a faster development of the deep muscles.

You can take your baby with you to the Mii-Ruum Studio in Lucerne. Your baby is not involved in the exercises. You are the centre of attention! Postnatal training is for you.

Start of regression training: At the earliest from 6-8 weeks after a spontaneous birth (natural birth) or 8-10 weeks after a caesarean section.

The course can also be taken one year after the birth.

We teach postnatal training according to Pilates (Lara) and Yoga (Arlent). Both teachers have many years of teaching experience and provide you with optimal support in your postnatal training.

Waiting list: If the course is fully booked, you can put your name on the waiting list. We recommend downloading the free SportsNow app to your smartphone for registration and deregistration.

Postnatal training on site and livestream

The postnatal training courses Lucerne are offered in the studio. Parallel broadcast via livestream.

A rectus diastasis check is recommended. It is done at the beginning and at the end of the course.
If you participate via livestream, please contact for an appointment.

Health insurances often cover a contribution to the postnatal course. Check directly with your health insurance provider.

Postnatal training videos

The 10-part postnatal series is available as a continuous course video in the timetable (Sunday). The video is available for one week. In addition, you can also attend classes on site.

In our video library you will also find a number of themed postnatal courses which you can book immediately.

Participation with a 10-part pre- and postnatal subscription for Fr. 300.- (incl. 2x rectus diastasis check, valid for 6 months).
Themed postnatal classes: Fr. 15.-

Advantages of Postnatal Training in Lucerne

  • Control of rectus diastasic at start and end
  • Small group (min. 5, max. 9 women)
  • Strengthening of the deep musculature
  • Mobilisation of the spine
  • Progression of posture and balance
  • Reduction of stress
  • Correct breathing
  • Relaxation
  • Improves health and body feeling

Goal of the Course

Perception and strengthening of the pelvic floor musculature, strengthening of abdominal and back muscles, improve body awareness and balance, relaxation, stretching of shortened musculature. Learning a gentle behaviour for the back and the pelvic floor.

To support the exercises, we work with toning or soft balls. The course can be attended with a child. For those who are able to organize a babysitter and like to take time for themselves, of course the visit without child is possible.

Partner in Lucerne

  • Physio Support for pelvic floor problems:
    Praxis Umfassend
    , Zentralstrasse 42, 6003 Luzern

Customer feedback to Postnatal Training after Pregnancy Lucerne

"The Postnatal Gymnastic at Mii-Ruum Yoga and Pilates Studio is highly recommended! On the one hand there is the possibility to attend the lessons with or without a child. On the other hand it is possible to set up the dates of the lessons individually (1 or 2 times a week, postponement dates). I really like the way Lara leads the group professionally and always makes appropriate and important corrections respectfully and in a pleasant way. In addition, "restless" children are also brought to rest from time to time by the course leaders - very likeable! I am also impressed by the atmosphere and the room. " 
Rita, 36 years old, January 2020

"As soon as you walk in, you'll realise that Mii-Ruum is a place of well-being. I really enjoyed attending the Lucerne Postnatal Gymnastic Course, which consists of Pilates and yoga exercises on the one hand and tips for everyday life on the other. With her calm manner, clear instructions and helpful input on how to perform the exercises, Lara led the course with great competence. I think the possibility to participate with or without a baby is great."
Steffi, 30 Years, September 2019

"An effective course for Postnatal Gymnastic, led with a lot of expertise and dedication. I very much appreciated the variety of exercises and controlling of  the correct execution. We always felt very comfortable and in good Hands. I can only recommend the course."
Julia, September 2019

"I would attend to the course again anytime. The exercises are really useful. - Lara guides them carefully, with commitment and competence. I feel in good hands at the Mii-Ruum Postnatal Gymnastic course. They make sure that every participant does the exercises correctly and my baby likes it too."
Anna, 35 Years, TCM-Thrapist, 2018

"I really enjoyed the Postnatal Gymnastic course, the atmosphere was very pleasant and relaxed. Through the different exercises I improved my body feeling and felt more and more comfortable. In any case I can highly recommend the course."
Veronica, Marketing Management, 2018