Far Eastern healing methods at Mii-Ruum studio Lucerne


Our studio and therapy room can also be sublet. Below you will find the massage offer of Lea and Dima in our Pilates and Yoga studio in the centre of Lucerne.


Far Eastern healing methods with Dima and Lea

Thursday, Dates on request.

A famous Asian proverb says that taking medicine only makes sense when you are already ill, just like starting to dig for water when you feel thirsty.

Far Eastern healing methods focus on the prevention of diseases and the balancing of the energy system. The human being is considered in its entirety.

Massages wit Dima and Lea

  • Classic Thai massage
  • Thai feet massage
  • Tok Sen
  • Chi Nei Tsang

1 hour – 90 CHF
1.5 hour – 130 CHF
Chi Nei Tsang: 1 hour – 130 CHF

Dmitrii Vatagin and Lea Frei have learned various Far Eastern healing methods from masters of the trade in Thailand. Every year they spend several months in Thailand to deepen their knowledge. They give treatments, courses and workshops in Asia and Europe where they share their experiences.

Dimitrii Vatagin: info@dimitryvatagin.com
Lea Frei: frei.lea@gmail.com

+41 78 642 84 77