Yoga for Seniors Lucerne

Yoga is suitable for all ages and is also a wonderful practice for elderly people. Move together with us in the studio in Lucerne - stay fit and healthy in old age.

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In senior yoga we move very mindfully and gently. Aids such as cushions, yoga bolsters and blankets are available. 

The yoga practice is adapted to the group - everyone practices what is possible and respects their personal limits. Yoga helps you stay flexible as you age. For the joints, the muscles, the circulation, the whole body system it brings many benefits. 

Movement sequences deepen the breath and calm the mind.

Current Senioryoga Course

Yoga for Seniors Trainings

Thursday, 09.30 - 10.45h
Teacher: Myriam Bühler

The course is described in our schedule as "Gentle Hatha Yoga" - "Sanftes Hatha Yoga" and is perfect for seniors.